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  1. Noor Inayat Khan served as a radio operator and spy for Great Britain during the Second World War. 

    Born to an Indian father and American mother in Moscow, the family moved from London to Paris when Noor was six. When Paris fell to the Nazis in 1940, Noor returned to London to serve on the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and was recruited into the elite Special Operatives Executive. 

    Living in France while working for SOE, Khan was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo. Soon afterwards she was executed by a firing squad in the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau. It is said that her last word on September 13. 1944 was ‘liberté’.

    The bronze bust commemorating Khan’s bravery and accomplishment was inaugurated November 8, 2012 in Gordon Square, London by Princess Anne. As Britain’s only British Muslim war heroine, the statue of Khan also commemorates the only stand-alone memorial to an Asian woman in the United Kingdom.

     A truly remarkable and inspring woman. 

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